Javier Mendez Presents Apocalyptic Fight Club!

Becoming a professional athlete takes time, grit, dedication, and sacrifice to achieve such a high level in any sport. These athletes give up everything to train to reach the pinnacle of their game to ensure that they will be fighting in the elusive Title Match! Fity (Founder of the Apocalyptic Apes), envisioned creating an opportunity to spread awareness of these fighters and the hard road that they travel while also creating the opportunity to onboard new members into the Web-3/NFT Community, by utilizing these AAPES to help fund and raise awareness for these fighters in a sport that he loves to watch ringside himself.

Like Hot Sauce? Get Apocalyptic HOT! –AApes NFT

Today I am doing my first feature of exclusive utility from an NFT project that I have covered previously and that specific blog set an All-Time High (ATH) number of views at 572! This community is robust!

Insight into Genesis and Queen NFTs!– Apocalyptic Apes

Today I get the pleasure of covering my first Ethereum (ETH) NFT project, Apocalyptic Apes (AAPES)! Now, some of you who have been following along with the blog may ask, “why are you covering an ETH NFT?” In my honest opinion, I truly believe that all chains should come together regardless of what crypto you use to mint/buy in order to become ONE solid NFT community.